Thursday, October 29, 2009

Celebrity Day Red Ribbon Week

Steve Erkel and Slash paid a visit to 5th grade today during Red Ribbon Week. We missed our friends, Tyler and David, but we're glad they sent their celebrity alter-egos in their places.

Music was the theme for these three. Taylor Swift (aka Becky Morphis), Tanya Tucker(Lacy Lyle,) and the King of Pop himself, Micheal Jackson (Brock Hightower). Rock on, dude and dudettes!

                Peer Review is a great teaching tool. Students in 5th grade are learning how to give feedback to each other in an effort to promote positive interaction AND to improve writing skills. David and David were very serious about their team.  Write on, boys!

                                                                                                                 More Peer reviewers--one is the author, the other is the reviewer. They work through a sheet of questions as they read and discuss the essays strengths and weaknesses. Is another Nicholas Sparks or JK Rowling in this group???

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