Thursday, July 23, 2009


Teacher: Mrs. Goodnight

Please do not send:
Notebooks with Velcro or zippers or that are fatter than 2 inches. (Desks are too small.)
Fancy pens/pencils or toys
Supply boxes of any kind. (Please send $1.00 instead and I will buy them so they are all the same size.)
Mechanical pencils are discouraged as they become a distraction.

Basic supplies for first semester

Pencils – large pack, good quality with erasers
• Small pencil sharpener with container to catch the shavings
• Loose-leaf notebook paper
• 3-ring binder
• Pocket folders – 4
• Small spiral notebook (about 70 pages)
• 12 inch brown wooden ruler
• Protractor - plastic
• Crayons or markers – 24 pack is fine.
• Colored pencils (small set for map skills)
• Pointed scissors that cut well and fit your 5th graders’ growing fingers
• Dry erase markers – large pack of black or blue
• Several red pens for grading
• Kleenex/tissue – 2 regular boxes
• 1 box wet wipes
• Band-aids – 1 box
• Backpack
• Gym shoes

Note: I normally keep paper and pencils on hand for purchase. Students may buy paper for one cent per sheet and a pencil for ten cents if they run out. Other items such as folders are occasionally available, too. Please restock your child’s supplies as needed.
Thank you!