Thursday, October 29, 2009

Celebrity Day Red Ribbon Week

Steve Erkel and Slash paid a visit to 5th grade today during Red Ribbon Week. We missed our friends, Tyler and David, but we're glad they sent their celebrity alter-egos in their places.

Music was the theme for these three. Taylor Swift (aka Becky Morphis), Tanya Tucker(Lacy Lyle,) and the King of Pop himself, Micheal Jackson (Brock Hightower). Rock on, dude and dudettes!

                Peer Review is a great teaching tool. Students in 5th grade are learning how to give feedback to each other in an effort to promote positive interaction AND to improve writing skills. David and David were very serious about their team.  Write on, boys!

                                                                                                                 More Peer reviewers--one is the author, the other is the reviewer. They work through a sheet of questions as they read and discuss the essays strengths and weaknesses. Is another Nicholas Sparks or JK Rowling in this group???

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trip to the Capitol of Oklahoma

Brock, David, Tyesha, Breanna, Jacob stand beside a statue called "The Guardian". Yahola, Louie, Dilln and the rest of the class rest on the 'grand staircase" of the capitol. The marble staircase is gorgeous.

Did I fail to mention that it was also "Bedlalm" day at Butner? Most of the kids wore their teams' colors. Tyesha even wore OU on her face!

Our tour guide explains the symbolism of the great seal of Oklahoma. Fascinating!

One of the dining rooms in the governor's mansion.

Outside the governor's mansion on a windy fall day

Brock had a great idea. Take a photo from the governor's lawn with the capitol building and flag in the background.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pajama Day at Butner

Just say no to drugs is still a timely message for all.

Red Ribbon Week/Drug Prevention Week is going full blast at Butner. I missed out on pictures for hat day but here are some shots of Pajama Day. The participation was awesome and the kids (and teachers) got a big kick out wearing PJs to school.

The 5th grade bunch, all snuggie in their jammies.

Ms. Woods and the third graders

Lacy even wore her flashing light bunny slippers!

Here are Louie and Brian, looking mighty sleepy this morning.

Monday, October 26, 2009

October's End and plenty of excitement

RED RIBBON WEEK - October 26 to 31
Tuesday - Pajama Day
Wednesday - Bedlam Day - OU vs OSU
Thursday - Celebrity Day
Friday - Costume Day

Wednesday, October 28, 5th grade is joining 6th grade for a trip to the state capital and governor's mansion.

Friday - Party Time! We'll start around 2 or 2:15. Kids may wear or bring costumes. We'll need any kind of goodies you want to send. The kids are also hoping for nachos.

Saturday night in the new gym--Fall Carnival. Don't miss the fun. Costume and pumpkin decorating contests, bingo, games, concession and tons of fun. All proceeds go directly to the class or school group running a particular booth.

PLEASE send bags of candy for use as prizes at the carnival.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas already????

Dear Parents:
Christmas is still a ways off but I wanted to let you know about costume needs for the Christmas program in case you wanted to make the Halloween costume do double duty. Fifth Grade is presenting the Nativity Scene. We’ll need angels, shepherds, kings, and maybe even some animals.
More later, of course!